Classes of Information Held

A Class of Information is a way of collecting together similar types of information. The Judicial Administration has grouped its Classes of Information into broad categories (or functions) which reflect the Judicial Administration’s outputs. If you are intending to make a request, the following grouping of information should give you an indication of where the information may be found.

When fully operational, this site will offer links to our records. While those interactive facilities are being developed for launch in the near future, we trust that you will use the site in its present static phase to find useful information about our records.

Function Records
Finance & Administration
Applies to internal support functions within the Judicial Administration,
relating to finance, personnel and business administration.
Financial records
Administrative records
Human resource records
Communications records
Operational support and advice
Applies to the provision of services and support to customers and stakeholders.
These are focused on the output-driven activities of the Judicial Administration
Court of Appeal records
Grand Court records
Summary Court records
Registers of Court Officers
Legal Aid records
Court Funds Office records