Financial Services Division

The Financial Services Division of the Grand Court was created in 2009 recognising the need for special procedures and skills in dealing with the more complex civil cases that arise out of the financial sector in the Cayman Islands.

The procedures of the court reflect the need for urgent action to be taken in some cases; for there to be special processes for balancing the need for justice to be administered in public with the potential harm to businesses if sensitive information is publicly available at too early a stage; and for the need to be able to adjust judicial resources to the changes in patterns of workload in this highly specialised area of work. Video conferencing is widely used in response to the global spread of the financial sector doing business in the Cayman Islands.

The Division is served by six judges including the Hon. Chief Justice and two of the other full time Judges of the Grand Court, as well as three part time Judges- together bringing a high level of practical experience and judicial expertise.

The biographies of the FSD judges are available on this website under “Judicial Officers”.

The Division is supported by a Registrar, a Listing Officer and by a dedicated unit of the Civil Registry of the Court. The procedures and practice directions followed by the Division are set out in the FSD Users’ Guide which are on this website under Guidance Resources.

Specific procedures (such as those dealing with companies and trusts) are set out in the laws of the Cayman Islands and the Rules that support them. These laws and rules will be on this website during May 2013. If you are not able to trace a law or rule that is in force, use the contact link on this website and we will try to ensure that you receive an electronic copy quickly.

Important judgments of the FSD will either be in the Cayman Islands Law Reports or on this website as an unreported judgment (starting during May 2013 in the case of unreported judgments). Access to both the CILR and unreported judgments requires registration which is presently free of charge; an annual subscription is likely to be required from the end of May 2013.