Court Fees

Court Fees

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Other Fees

In addition to court fees, The Law Courts also collects Notary Public Fees, Legal Practitioners Fees, Law Firm Operational Fees, Legal Aid Contributions, Fees for subscription to reported and unreported judgments, and Miscellaneous Fees. Fees for both new Notaries Public and those whose appointments are being renewed are payable from the 1st to the 31st of January of each year. However, as of the 1st of February, only fees for new applications are payable (Notaries whose appointments lapse after the 31st of January have to reapply as new). Online payment of these other fees is not currently being contemplated but may be allowed later if it becomes economically feasible.

Fees paid by users for photocopying court documents are categorised under Miscellaneous Fees. It is not proposed that charges for photocopies be taken via the website because the per-transaction fee charged by the bank would negate the value of the payment. Instead, users who need to have court documents photocopied would have the option of being able to buy photocopier-readable debit cards from The Law Courts to pay for their photocopying needs, as an alternative to paying in cash, based on the number of copies made. Every time the user swipes the debit card after making photocopies of a document, the available balance on the card would be decremented appropriately.