Court Rules

The Rules Committee is established by section 19 of the Grand Court Law. Broadly speaking, it has responsibility for making rules relating to practice and procedure in the Grand Court and in the Summary Court. The Committee consists of the Chief Justice, the Attorney-General and two attorneys appointed by the Chief Justice after consultation with the Cayman Islands Law Society.

Section 34 of the Court of Appeal Law establishes the Rules Committee of the Court of Appeal, while section 154 of the Companies Law establishes the Insolvency Rules Committee.

These Committees meet regularly to consider proposed amendments to the rules of court and any other matters that are incidental to the conduct of the criminal and civil business of the courts.

On this webpage, you will find the most recent draft rules under consideration by the Committees as well as Court Rules that are currently in force.

Court Rules in Draft

Currently, there are no draft rules.

Court Rules in Force