Paying Traffic Tickets

In accordance with the Traffic Act, a constable or a person prescribed by the Commissioner may serve upon the alleged offender a traffic ticket for specified breaches of the Traffic Act or Traffic Regulations. A traffic ticket may also be affixed to a stationary vehicle.

If the offender wants to plead guilty, that person may pay such ticket by returning the ticket to the Clerk of the Court with payment ( in full)  either in person or by registered mail or electronic means before the date and time prescribed for the hearing of the charges, not being more than twenty-eight days from the service of the said ticket.


Paying the Traffic Ticket in Full

To plead guilty payments may be made through the options below. Payments must also be made in full. If partial payments are made, this will not prevent a warrant from being issued for your arrest.

  • Court Finance Office located on the ground floor of Kirk House. Opening hours of the office are 9am to 3pm. Tickets must be paid in full no later than 9:45am on the date designated for court appearance as a ticket serves as a summons to appear in connection with an offence.   Debit and Credit cards are accepted.
  • Online Traffic Ticket Payments ( In full only. Partial payments not accepted), can be made at

Requests for extension of time to pay

If an alleged offender wishes to plead guilty and pay the ticket, but does not have sufficient funds to pay the ticket in full before the prescribed date, then the alleged offender must well in advance of the payment period make an application to the Court.

Applications for additional time to pay the traffic ticket must be made to the Magistrate by visiting in person the Criminal Registry of Judicial Administration which is located on the Ground Floor of the Main Court Building.  Please bring your ticket.

Contact: criminal help desk at 244-3867/327-5723 or email for additional queries.

If the court grants additional time to pay the ticket, these payments must be made through the Court Finance Office only. These payments cannot be made through our online payment at this time.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Last updated 26 October 2021