Paying Traffic Tickets

In accordance with the Traffic Ticket Regulations 2012, a traffic ticket serves as a summons to appear in court in connection with the offence. The Regulations, however, as noted on tickets, also provide for the alternative procedure of paying fines, which must be done at the Court Finance Office on or before 9:45 am on the date designated for the court appearance.

At the time of issue, the amount for payment is noted on the ticket. In the case of speeding, fines are assessed on the basis of the following, up to a maximum of CI$500:

  • For the first 10 mph in excess of the speed limit, $100
  • For every further 10 mph in excess of the speed limit, $100

See the Regulations for a list of all ticket offences and fines.

Traffic tickets are payable at the Court Finance Office located on the ground floor of Kirk House, opening directly onto Albert Panton Street. Opening hours of the office are 9am to 3pm.

Credit cards are not accepted at this time, and personal cheques are not allowed.