Two new judges will begin presiding in Grand Court tomorrow (Thursday, 8 January), following
swearing in on Monday (5 January) by HE the Governor Helen Kilpatrick.
Justice Mangatal joins the Cayman judiciary from Jamaica, while Justice Robin McMillan,
who assumes an acting position, is well known locally as a senior counsel, currently with local
firm HSM Chambers and formerly with Appleby.

Justice Mangatal has extensive experience both as a judge and advocate. She will draw,
she says, on this broad-based experience that includes stints here in Cayman as an Acting
Grand Court Judge (2009 and 2014). Prior to coming to Cayman, she served as an acting judge
in Jamaica’s Court of Appeal and as a judge in the Supreme Court of Judicature in its criminal,
civil and commercial jurisdictions.

Acting Justice McMillan has had extensive experience in several jurisdictions, being qualified
in Cayman, Bermuda, Hong Kong, England and Wales, Northern Ireland, and California. He
specialises in international commercial litigation, insolvency trusts, company law, judicial review,
and public law.

Welcoming the new justices, Chief Justice Anthony Smellie said: “I am very pleased to be
able to welcome justices Mangatal and McMillan as colleagues within the Cayman judiciary.”
Commenting on their varied and extensive resumes, the Chief Justice said it was “apparent
that they bring with them the depth of knowledge and expertise that is evermore in demand for
dealing with the increasing numbers of complex and challenging cases coming before our
courts,” adding: “Our ability to continue to respond to these demands is assured for the future
with the appointment of such dedicated and capable judges.”

The Chief Justice said that Justice Mangatal will serve as one of the four resident full-time
judges working in the Financial Services, Family, General Civil and Criminal divisions of the
Grand Court. Justice McMillan will serve as an acting judge as the need arises from time to time,
he said, in the Family, General Civil and Criminal divisions. “The fact that he is also resident on
Island will enhance our ability to assign cases to him,” Chief Justice Smellie said.

Justice Mangatal, who has been a judge since her first appointment to the bench in Jamaica
in 2003, says that serving as a judge has been the “most enjoyable aspect of my career as a
lawyer” and looks forward to serving the Cayman judiciary and the people of the Cayman
Islands. “I am very privileged and honoured to have been selected and appointed as a judge of
the Grand Court here in Cayman and I am hoping for a smooth transition.”