TO: i. Courts Administrator ii. Commissioner of Police iii. Chief Immigration Officer
iv. Director of Prisons v. Collector of Customs Vi. Director Community Rehabilitation

FROM: Administrator of the Parole Commissioners’ & Prisons Inspections’ Boards

DATE: November 14th, 2014

SUBJECT: Possession of Passports of Prisoners

In an effort to streamline the process of securing passports for Caymanians and Foreign Nationals incarcerated. The following is the protocol to be followed by agencies with respect to this matter.

When an individual is arrested and his/her passport is surrendered to the arresting agency, that particular office shall be responsible for the passport until the person is remanded or, the charges are dropped. If the charges are dropped, the arresting agency is responsible for returning the passport to the individual.

If the individual is remanded by the Courts, the Courts shall have possession of the passport until the individual is sentenced. Once the individual is sentenced, the passport of a foreign national should be transferred to the Department of Immigration – Enforcements (Attn: Jeremy Scott) and the passport of Caymanians should be handed over to the Prison Receptions (Attn: Courtney Waugh).

Caymanian prisoners can retrieve their passports from the Prison Authorities. These maybe dealt with in the same manner as any other prisoner’s personal property in accordance with Prison Policies and handed out as per the request of the prisoner.

The Department of Immigration (Enforcement) will continue to be responsible for the passports of all foreign prisoners until all immigration issues have been resolved.

In matters of Parole, the Department of Community Rehabilitation may monitor the Passports of Parolees as necessary.

Kindly circulate this information to all relevant staff within your agencies.

Debbie Prendergast