TICKETS (Speeding, Traffic, Curfew)

  • Tickets are still to be paid on time and clients are strongly encouraged to pay tickets well before their due date.
  • Methods of Payment:Tickets may either be paid through online bank transfer or for those with no online payment method, by cheque or bank draft.
  • When paying for a ticket, please email or attach a copy of the ticket with your payment.
  • Cheque/Draft Payment:For those paying by cheque or bank draft, please drop of the payment along with a copy of the ticket at the Main Court Building Drop Box between 9:00am to 1:00pm. Please bring the ticket with you, as a form will have to also be completed.
  • Criminal Help Desk Queries:  If you have questions regarding your ticket, please contact the criminal help desk at 244-3867/327-5723 or email
  • Online Payment Queries: If you have questions about how to pay online, please email or call
  • How to Pay Tickets Online:Funds may be remitted from any of the following Cayman Islands Automated Clearing House participant Banks:
  • Cayman National Bank Limited
  • Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited
  • CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank (Cayman) Limited
  • Fidelity Bank (Cayman) Limited
  • RBC Royal bank (Cayman) Limited
  • Scotiabank & Trust (Cayman) Limited
  • Bank Name: RBC Royal Bank (Cayman) Limited
  • Address: 133 Elgin Avenue, Govt. Admin. Bldg. Grand Cayman
  • Account Name: CIG-JUDICIAL ADMIN
  • Beneficiary Account Number: KYD 069751127026 or USD: 069752624484
  • Account Type: Chequeing

Beneficiary Reference details:

  • Traffic Ticket (yellow tickets) enter: TT00 and the five digit ticket number in red (space) Date of Birth DDMMYY of responsible party ( e.g. TT0003880 122570)
  • Speeding Ticket (blue tickets) enter: ST00 and the five digit ticket number in red (space) Date of Birth DDMMYY of responsible party (e.g. ST0003200 122570)
  • Curfew Traffic Tickets enter: PH and the ticket number ( space) Date of Birth DDMMYY of the responsible party (eg. PH115 013175)


  • In order for the Courts Fund Office to apply your online payment/transfer correctly it a requirement that your traffic ticket number is correctly reflected in the Beneficiary reference along with your Date of Birth information. This must be inserted in the reference/beneficiary field.
  • When payment has been remitted online please send email to with the confirmation number, currency and amount paid, the respondent’s name, case/ticket number or name of person/firm/organization/Entity.
  • This required information is the responsibility of the payor and Judicial Administration assumes no liability for issues that arise as a result of incomplete information submitted when making the online transaction.
  • Time Sensitive Payments: If a payment is time sensitive, for example required to be paid into court on a specified date, please allow 2 days for processing payment online. Payments should not be made online less than 48 hours before payment is due. Court user is recommended to attend our cash office.
  • Exchange Rate: If paying a Cayman dollar issued ticket, fee, fine, etc., in United States (US) dollars to the US dollar bank account the exchange rate is $0.82.
  • Cross Currency: Please ensure that the same currency is selected (paying/receiving), alternatively contact your Bank regarding cross currency transactions (e.g. funds sent in KYD but the receiving account is USD a/c and vice versa).
  • Help:Should you have queries regarding the banking process, please contact us by email at or tel: 917-6533/917-6738. Please leave a message if no one can take your call.
  • Please however contact your bank directly for specific questions on how to process and ACH/wire transfer.

Tel: 917-6533 or 917-6738
Last Updated: June 19, 2020