HOW TO PAY TICKETS (Traffic, Speeding, Curfew)


The Finance Centre is open Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 9am – noon to receive ticket payments.



*Only use ACH option if you have 2 clear days before payment is due. See Time Sensitive Payments section below.

*If you are paying a ticket on behalf of a third party it is extremely important that you email all the information below to our email address, as our staff will not be able to apply the funds to a ticket and the subject of the ticket will have a warrant issued for non –payment.


Things to know before you Pay your Ticket through ACH.

Once the transaction has been completed you must email our Finance team the following information. This is a mandatory requirement to allow us to apply the funds to the ticket. Please email to the following:

(a) A copy of your ticket (scan or take a photo of the ticket and attach it to your email)

(b) ACH Transaction confirmation number

(c) Currency

(d) Amount paid


Time Sensitive Payments: Paying tickets are time sensitive. Failure to pay tickets on time require you to attend court.  Please allow 2 clear days for processing payment online before your ticket due date.  Payments should not be made through the ACH method if you have less than 2 clear days to make payment into court. If you pay the ticket less than 2 clear days before the ticket is due, our systems will not recognize the payment being made into court. It is advisable that you present yourself to court as required by the ticket and update the Magistrate directly, else a warrant may be issued for non-payment.


Online Transaction Details  

Funds may be remitted from any of the following Cayman Islands Automated Clearing House participant Banks:

Cayman National Bank Limited

Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited

CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank (Cayman) Limited Fidelity Bank (Cayman) Limited RBC Royal bank (Cayman) Limited Scotiabank & Trust (Cayman) Limited


Bank Name: RBC Royal Bank (Cayman) Limited

Address: 133 Elgin Avenue, Govt. Admin. Bldg. Grand Cayman Account Name: CIG-JUDICIAL ADMIN Beneficiary Account Number: KYD 069751127026 or USD: 069752624484 Account Type: Chequeing


Please see the below Beneficiary Reference guidance details, to assist you in putting the correct details into the Beneficiary Reference field to ensure payment is correctly identified and allocated for processing on your end.


For a Traffic Ticket (yellow tickets

enter: TT00 and the five digit ticket number in red (space) Date of Birth DDMMYY of  responsible party ( e.g. TT0003880 251270)

For a Speeding Ticket (blue tickets)

enter: ST00 and the five digit ticket number in red (space) Date of Birth DDMMYY of responsible party (e.g. ST00032001 251270)

 For Curfew Tickets ( tickets)

enter: PH and your ticket number in the red (space) Date of Birth DDMMYY of responsible party ( eg.PH12 310175)


Limited Liability: The required information is the responsibility of the payer to provide Judicial Administration, and Judicial Administration assumes no responsibility for issues that arise as a result of incomplete /incorrect information submitted when making the ACH transactions.

Reference to ‘Space’: Reference to ‘space’ in the instructions means that you leave a space between the characters.

Exchange Rate: If paying a ticket in United States dollars bank account the exchange rate is $0.82.

Cross Currency: Please ensure that the same currency is selected (paying/receiving), alternatively please contact your bank regarding cross currency transactions (e.g. funds sent in KYD but receiving account is USD vice/versa)

Contact for Help: If you need help with you ACH transaction, please contact our staff. Email: / Tel: 917-6533/917-6738. Someone will call you back if we cannot respond to your call immediately.


Last Updated: August 14, 2020