Articled Clerks

  • Registration of Articles of Clerks are to be done electronically for the time being.

Court Hearings & Court Attendance

Parties are to obtain instructions from the Judge / Magistrate presiding over the relevant court case whether the hearings will be conducted via video conferencing or in the physical court room.

   Maximum Number of Persons in Court Rooms

As of September 2021, social distancing has been reintroduced into court rooms. Please observe the following court room limits.

  • Court Room 1 – 20 persons
  • Court Room 2 – 20 persons
  • Court Room 3 – 9 persons
  • Court Room 4 – 8 persons
  • Court Room 5 – 25 persons
  • Court Room 6 – 10 persons
  • Court Room 7 – 6 persons


Social Distancing and Personal Protective Equipment Requirements

  • All staff and court users upon entering the court building will be required to wear face masks and to sanitize their hands.
  • All court users are to continue to wear masks for the duration of their time in court buildings.
  • Persons are to keep a minimum of 2-meter distance from other persons at all times
  • When speaking to another person, save for during actual court proceedings, persons are required to wear masks.


To protect court users from risk of contacting Covid-19 by handling the same materials, court users are directed to inspect public registers on our online platform at

Public Registers can be ordered through our Civil Registry for the time being.



Help Desk Tel: 244-3842/327-6878

Clerk of Court – Swearing

Persons attending upon the Clerk of Court for swearing of affidavits for admissions, notary and justice of peace, will be accommodated via video link/zoom for attestation. Draft documents are to be provided electronically as usual. Applicants will retain the original once sworn via zoom, the document can then be lodged with the Registry for final processing and receipt of payment.  Receipts will be sent electronically once processed and thereafter placed in the respective boxes for collection.


Clerk of Court:

Court Filings

To ensure continued social distancing and avoid overcrowding in the Civil Registry whilst continuing to provide high quality customer service, attorneys and court users are encouraged to file court documents electronically and to pay via our direct bank ACH system, in keeping with the instructions set out in the ‘Pay Filings Online Section’ below.  Please see the published Practice Directions at the top of this Continuity of Operations Page. Please see below instructions regarding filings:

  • Please email all filings to
  • These email filings will be sealed by the court and will be returned to clients via email.
  • All filed applications that attract a fee should include the attached receipt as evidence or proof of payment.
  • Receipts will be provided only once confirmation has been made by our Finance Offices that funds have been deposited into Judicial Administration accounts

File Inspections

File Inspections may be made by appointment only. Please contact our Civil Registry to book an appointment for File Inspections once permission is granted by the Clerk of Court pursuant to GRC Order 63.

Please email


Tel: 244-4114

Paying Filings Online

To pay for filings online, please follow the below instructions or for assistance.

  • Online Bank Transfer Instructions
    Funds may be remitted from any of the following Cayman Islands Automated Clearing House participant Banks:

    • Cayman National Bank Limited
    • Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited
    • CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank (Cayman) Limited
    • Fidelity Bank (Cayman) Limited
    • RBC Royal bank (Cayman) Limited
    • Scotiabank & Trust (Cayman) Limited
  • Insert the following information into your online bank’s online bank fields:
    Bank Name: RBC Royal Bank (Cayman) Limited
    Address: 133 Elgin Avenue, Govt. Admin. Bldg. Grand Cayman
    Account Name:  CIG-JUDICIAL ADMINBeneficiary Account Number: KYD 069751127026  or USD: 069752624484
    Account Type: Chequeing
    Beneficiary Reference:Please insert the following information into Beneficiary Reference fields:Registry Filing Codes:

    • Civil Filings enter:   Cause no. ( eg. G12/17 )( note 18 character limitation)
    • FAM Filings enter: Cause no. ( eg. FAM001/17 )( note 18 character limitation)
    • FSD Filings enter: Cause no ( eg. FSD101/17 ) (note 18 character limitation)
    • POCL Filings enter: Cause no. (eg. POCL002/20) ( note 18 character limitation)


    • In order for the Courts Fund Office to apply your online payment/transfer correctly it a requirement that your traffic ticket number or court cause number is correctly reflected in the Beneficiary reference along with your Date of Birth information. This must be inserted in the reference/beneficiary field.
    • When payment has been remitted online please send email to with the confirmation number, currency and amount paid, the respondent’s name, case/ticket number or name of person/firm/organization/Entity.
    • This required information is the responsibility of the payor and Judicial Administration assumes no liability for issues that arise as a result of incomplete information submitted when making the online transaction.
    • If you do not recall your cause number, prior to making the online transaction, please email  or contact the registry helpdesks in our ‘help’ section below.
    • Registry Filing Payments: For registry filing payments, please be advised that it is required that a copy of your bank payment summary  is to be submitted along with your documents to be filed to the relevant registry. Failure to do so may result in return of funds and non filing of documents.
    • Time Sensitive Payments: If a payment is time sensitive, for example required to be paid into court on a specified date, please allow 2 days for processing payment online. Payments should not be made online less than 48 hours before payment is due. Court user is recommended to attend our cash office.
    • Exchange Rate: If paying a Cayman dollar issued ticket, fee, fine, etc., in United States (US) dollars to the US dollar bank account the exchange rate is $0.82.
    • Cross Currency: Please ensure that the same currency is selected (paying/receiving), alternatively contact your Bank regarding cross currency transactions (e.g. funds sent in KYD but the receiving account is USD a/c and vice versa).


    • Should you have queries  regarding the banking process, please contact us by email at or  tel: 244-4114/917/6533/9176738.
    • Please however contact your bank directly for specific questions on how to process and ACH/wire transfer.
    • Contact

      Tel: 244-4114/917-6533/917-6738


Preparation of Bundles

  • All Hearing Bundles  are to be submitted electronically to the Civil Registry. Hard Copy Bundles may be dropped off at the ground floor of Kirk House and the courier is to sign that they have provided the Bundle with the assigned Security Guard.
  • Bundles and papers brought to the court are potential conveyers of COVID-19. Bundles should be compiled in wipeable binders and handled by applying appropriate sanitization measures. Bundles must be delivered to the court in sealed and sanitized envelopes or boxes.


Service of Documents

As physical service is not possible during the period of the Shelter in Place regulations, for the time being, each party who is required to serve another party, must seek leave from the court for an order of substituted service by way of email, rather than personal service which is the ordinary or default position.

Any changes to this position will be updated and published accordingly.


General Contact


Help Desk Tel: 244-3842/327-6878


Last Updated: October 1, 2021